Based on a dream I had once of a swimming pool filled with tar and a ladder in the middle of it. I followed a man down the ladder and could taste ashes on my tongue and in the dream I felt like I had known the man before I was even alive. Below the swimming pool of tar I saw my cat appear and then turn into a chalk drawing. Plus real life experiences which will die with me....The third verse I will relate.....I was at an ex girlfriend's apartment when I was still dating her and a bird got into her stairwell and kept slamming into her door until me and her and some asshole freed the bird....kind of metaphorical me thinks....reminded me of Edgar Allen Poe

Also the chorus is about my desire and mental illness maybe that makes me want to never lose incredible emotions and feelings in all their conflicting desire and pain. It is weird when those feelings die and can no longer be felt...it feels a bit like what I think death must feel like.


Mercury's in retrograde
And hate can build a life
To tear you down with a razor blade
To make your precious love a lie
Trust you put in them will burn
Your right to fight seems so absurd

That feeling That feeling

Follow a man down a black hole
Under the ladder visions were sold
Taste the ashes on your tongue
That man you've known before you were young
Darkness spans oblivion
Tonight I just may not return

That feeling that feeling

But you can't tar the sun
Or shoot down my tattered star
You have poisoned my heart
But I'm falling falling so far

Birds are flying into her door
Hold me, hold me, hold me Lenore
The name I'm sobbing in my sleep
the precious love I could not keep
Warm love, warm love do not hide!
To live without you I would die

That feeling, that feeling, that feeling


from Alice Vs. The Magnetic Ocean Floor, released February 14, 2015
All music and lyrics by Chris Balch



all rights reserved


Yogi Chiron Austin, Texas

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