I had a dream about god once. I'm a spiritual agnostic I guess. I just know that there are limits to my understanding, but if there is a god this dream would make more sense. I totally believe in the Collective Unconcious that Jung wrote about but I'm ultimately skeptical of god and religion. I had a dream that I was in a forest surrounded by a bunch of naked people on a path. I asked several people in line what they were waiting for and they said they were waiting to speak to the one behind the golden door. I went to the golden door and I didn't hear or see anything and then all of a sudden I heard "do not despair, you are still young" and it filled my head in the dream like telepathy or something. This was probably all lucid dreaming or the effects of some acid I took in the 60s. Musically this is the band's nod to Mahavishnu Orchestra.


Waiting around in a forest
A sandy path with all the nudes
Thirsty to hear from the One behind the golden door
The Deity speaks of beauty, the Deity speaks of before
You are still young yet, a young bright blue star

Set the ships for a new land
far beyond this vacant sea
Beyond the Veil of Maya
A sarcophagus urgency
Spiral thru the ether
Incinerate without your love
Fountains of the mystery
Cannot be touched, remain as one


from Alice Vs. The Magnetic Ocean Floor, released February 14, 2015
All words and music by Chris Balch



all rights reserved


Yogi Chiron Austin, Texas

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