My lyrics are a combination of real life experiences and dreams that I've had usually- so that makes Yogi Chiron kind of surrealists. Also I prefer straight-forward lyrics with honesty, earnestness and no pretentious bullshit! We are living in a time where many people are so fucking dishonest that they hide in cowardice behind alternative facts and sick humor and dark sarcasm- that they use to gain control of any situation that suits these cowardly and malicious individuals. Emotion is being drained out of society as music is being rejected by critics for being "too sad" or "too emotional" or "too thought provoking"- what in the fuck is that about?! It is about the rejection of one's integrity and conscience in favor of war like aggression- as if life weren't already enough of a fucking high school/ prison fuck fest. Be a good citizen and be ready for eternal warfare against continually changing enemies and scapegoats...we have always been at war. Soooo....I prefer straight forward lyrics like some of my favorite authors and songwriters. Pete Townshend is a Taurus and we Tauri wear our hearts on our sleeves and fuck you if you try to silence us!

Music wise we are influenced by Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Velvet Underground, Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Stone Roses, Brian Jonestown Massacre and assorted classic rock/ psych rock and jazz. This album is a snapshot taken of my life from 2006- 2014. This song is kind of dealing with my obsession with trying to figure the unknowable- in this case it was to understand the intentions of someone who had hurt me very very bad and began a downward death spiral of suicide attempts and drug experimentation. This literally was causing me to lose sanity as I entertained even the wildest conspiracy theories although briefly. The search for the unknowable literally can drive one to the depths of insanity and I do not recommend it under any circumstances! It is the heaviness of conspiracy theories as well as the search for the unknown- which has led to the insanity of philosophers such as Nietzsche and Bertrand Russell, it is very much like the movie "Pi" and it is what has led The USA and many other countries into unmitigated dangers of fascism and mass hysteria.


I was in pieces, falling thru windows
Underwater, said the sea, satin sheets billowed
The emperor has decreed another suffering
Blindfolded walking in circles go to sleep
You skip your school girl strut down my favorite aisle
Things awry in conversation friendship was to blame
Treachery of promises stab my feet to the floor
All circuits demonstrate your name is Proteus
Fallowing Remy's eyes to every station door

But words have stabbed to be taken back
And mere bodies cannot seal these tracks
And our love has become a lame metaphor
dark clouds in a champion's pride.....pride


New sky blue sky New sky radiance and love
A stroll in the park painted in pastels
Time the obscenity kisses on the snake
You love me with peculiar language
Spoken to your friends and all of mine
Please, oh please, on my begging knees
Don't take my love and my blood from me

But words have stabbed to be taken back
And mere bodies cannot seal these tracks
And our love has become a lame metaphor
Moonbeams in a Cadellac ride....ride



from Alice Vs. The Magnetic Ocean Floor, released February 14, 2015
All words and music by Chris Balch



all rights reserved


Yogi Chiron Austin, Texas

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